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BRSN Athletes of the Week Q&A: Women’s Field Hockey Seniors Katie Garrity, Elizabeth Schaeffler

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with BRSN!  All four seniors started the Lehigh game and didn’t disappoint.  Siergiej registered two goals, Standiford notched two assists, while Garrity added one goal. With her 13th career start, Schaeffler posted two saves in the first half to earn the victory and improve her career record to 7-6.  How does it feel to be a senior and be so successful?

Elizabeth: I think it’s hard to say that I’ve personally been successful because I know that I’d be nowhere without my team. My team has really helped me to get past the tough times and move forward when it’s gotten hard. I think our team, collectively, is successful because we all have so much faith in each other and are always there to support one another.

Does it really feel like four years have passed since you joined Cornell women’s field hockey?  In other words, has time moved slowly or flown by?

Katie/Elizabeth: Time has flown by–it feels like it was just yesterday we had our very first day of preseason freshman year. Something special about our four years together, though, is that we’ve all individually grown and matured so much since day one. I feel like I moved into Cornell freshman year, blinked, and woke up today as a senior.

Marisa: The past four years have definitely flown by.  Even though time has moved quickly, it is amazing how much our team has grown and become more competitive.

Katie: Time has flown by so incredibly fast, its crazy to think that we all played our first collegiate game together almost three and half years ago. I remember meeting Taylor, Biz, and Marisa at camp the summer before we came to Cornell. Honestly, I remember thinking how different we all were (so I was a little nervous), but that is what makes our class so special, we all bring something different to the team.

When did you first start playing field hockey?

Katie: I started playing field hockey my freshmen year of high school. I knew I was going to play soccer in the winter and run track in the spring, so I needed something to do in the fall. My friend that I carpooled with played field hockey and she kept bugging me to tryout, I showed up the first day of tryouts and haven’t put my stick down since.

What are the traits, physically and mentally, that a successful field hockey player needs to have?

Marisa: Successful field hockey players have good stamina to play a 70 minute game, coupled with power to sprint. Mentally, we have to be able to focus and execute consistently during practices and games.

If you didn’t play field hockey, what sport would you play?

Marisa: If I didn’t play field hockey, I would’ve probably run track. Katie also ran track in high school, so she would’ve run track too, while Taylor would’ve done lacrosse.  Biz (Elizabeth) played basketball, and her dad always wished she had kept playing.


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