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Throwback Thursday: November 8, 1978

November 8th, 1978 was one of the most important dates in Big Red Lightweight Football history. After 37 years of the sport being played in Cornell, the Sprint Football team finally ended the season as the only winner of the season due to their undefeated season. Coach Bob Cullen credits this success partially to being lucky, but mostly due to the players being “solid at every position.” Two games in particular stand out, those against their rivals Princeton and Navy. The Navy game ended in a nail biting 20-14, which was Navy’s only loss of the season. The matchup with Princeton was very close the entire game, ending in a suspenseful 25-20. Marc Piccone, the Cornell quarterback, was instrumental in achieving this momentous goal. He was a true leader for the team and energized the offense, and his efforts were rewarded when he received the MVP award for the season. While the Big Red offense was a juggernaut this season, the defense was equally impressive. Cornerback Guy Conces lead the defense with 5 interceptions throughout the season. During the Navy game, the Big Red defense managed to stop a last-minute drive from Navy that would have won them the game. This season marked an all-time high for the Big Red Lightweight Football team, and serves as an inspiration for what they are capable of.


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