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Throwback Thursday: Polo Champions

This time in 1963, the Cornell polo team won their third straight match in the Intercollegiate Indoor Polo Championship, held in our very own New York. The first win was against Virginia in the semi-finals, then faced Yale in the finale.

The team tied in the first period and the polo team pulled slightly ahead in the second period, leading 5-3. The match remained close, even while the Big Red was winning 7-4 at the end of three periods. The match was found to decisively in Cornell’s favor when in the final period, the Big Red outscored Yale 4-0 in an 11-4 win!

Pat Dix scored six goals, helping the Big Red team reach victory. Paul Mountain, scoring three times, and Jim Morse, scoring twice, also aided in the championship. Yale’s goals were scored by 4 different men with the final scored on a penalty shot.

Although the score doesn’t do a good job at indicating it, the game kept all players on their toes and was definitely hard fought. Yale’s team also had their best player, Al Corey, recovering from the flu and unable to compete in his best form.


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