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The BRSN Marketing department collaborates with all of our content-related departments (Digital Media, Podcasting, Broadcasting, Written) to not only increase the club's presence on Cornell's campus, but to also provide elite coverage of everything Cornell Sports-related. To broaden our social presence, we ideate and create unique content to shed light on Cornell student-athletes' lives on and off the field/court. Additionally, we also collaborate with Cornell-affiliated organizations, as well as other student-organizations on campus, that focus on media, sports, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).


Big Red Fueling Partnership

BRSN's marketing department has partnered with Big Red Fueling to help spread our content to Cornell athletes. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 9.53.04 AM.png

The Big Red Fueling station in Bartels Hall helps Cornell athletes make healthy snack choices and best prepare for their sports.

"BRSN on the Street"

The marketing team has recreated the popular "Billy on the Street" series to further enhance BRSN's social media pages. Members walked around campus interviewing students about Cornell sports.


#MemeMonday has been a successful campaign on our Instagram and Twitter pages. Usually making a joke about a recent Cornell sporting event or BRSN podcast, #MemeMondays are always a great start to a week of content creation.

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.17.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.19.22 AM.png

Podcast Promotion

The marketing department plays a key role in promoting our podcasts. From Instagram to SideChat posts, our team has produced a strong variety of promotions for one of our most popular pieces of content.


A flyer that was part of our SideChat promotion for our newest podcast, Big Red Ballers

An example of a video advertisement for our popular Big Red HockeyCast podcast

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