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BRSN's Written department is more than just a good, old fashioned source of sports media: we are a team of writers and editors who are united by a passion for the Big Red and aim to venture beyond the box score by interviewing and talking with athletes and coaches. We believe each and every one of our articles should carry a story that cannot be told elsewhere. Along with publishing monthly newsletters of our writers’ articles, the Written Department also produces Behind Big Red, Cornell’s very own version of The Players’ Tribune. You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to read first-person anecdotes and stories from the athletes themselves.

Behind Big Red

Written by Cornell athletes, the Behind Big Red series gives readers an insight into the life and perspective of a Division-1 athlete. Check out the newest Behind Big Red articles HERE.

I earn the privilege of wearing that Cornell jersey during those brutal 5am wake-ups for practice, throughout my summers conditioning and training, and during the long bus rides back to Ithaca from away games. Sometimes, during the crux of the season, I forget how much I wanted this challenge. The sleep deprivation starts to get the best of me, and I wonder why anyone would choose to be both at an Ivy League school and a Division 1 Athlete. It’s clearly not for everyone.

 - Samantha Engel, What My Uniform Means to Me

BRSN Pieces

Crafted by our very own BRSN written team, BRSN Pieces is our monthly article drop about all things Big Red sports. Read the latest HERE.

By the time Cornell University was founded in 1865, colleges such as Yale, Harvard, and Rutgers had already established crew programs to compete in intercollegiate events. The sport’s influence inevitably reached Ithaca, and by the early 1870s, Cayuga Lake became home to several boat clubs in the area. It was not long thereafter that the birth of Cornell rowing occurred: Cornell President Andrew Dickson White, with a new shell and coach, officially created the program in 1873, and over years, the decision has resulted in great success.

 - Eric Guo, Cornell Rowing: Traditions to Treasure

Big Red Spotlight

Written and created by Michaela Chan, Big Red Spotlight highlights athletes at Cornell. This column gives the readers a more comprehensive and casual understanding of each interviewee that is not found on a roster or in the box scores. Learn more about each athlete HERE.

Message from the writer:

I found inspiration for this column from a piece I wrote for BRSN, Putting the Student in Student-Athlete, and I realized how much I enjoyed getting to know each athlete on a personal level -- something beyond what could be found on a basic Google search or on a team page. This led me to pitching Big Red Spotlight, a column where I can interview athletes in a casual setting and share other elements of their lives beyond their sport. I hope you enjoy reading these short Q&A style pieces as much as I enjoyed working with them!

 - Michaela Chan

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