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Athlete of The Week Interview: Evan Bynoe

BRSN: Evan, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. What was your mindset going into this past weekend?

Evan: I had been striking the ball well in practice, but I had also been working through an illness for a couple of weeks. Going into the tournament, I was finally feeling 100% healthy, so I was just really excited to compete and see what I could do.

BRSN: How did you first get started with tennis, and what kept you in the sport?

Evan: I actually started out playing soccer; tennis wasn’t really even on my family’s radar until my parents agreed to take my sister’s friend to tennis practice one day. My parents watched the session and thought it was neat, so they gave my sister and I the chance to play. I was around seven at this point, and I ended up quitting soccer to play tennis full time. I can’t really single out one thing that has kept me in tennis. I just love everything about it. The competition, the strategy, the physicality. Even at my lowest points, I don’t think I have ever for an instant entertained the thought of quitting tennis.

BRSN: Why did you choose Cornell?

Evan: I wanted to choose a school that would provide me a top-notch education and give me the best chance to reach my full potential in tennis, whatever that may be. To me, Cornell was the best fit.

BRSN: What is your favorite tennis memory?

Evan: My favorite tennis memory comes from when I was nine years old. I went with my dad to the tennis courts, and we started playing tiebreaks at around 6:00 PM. I couldn’t win anything against him, and I basically refused to let us leave until I could finally win one. This lasted until 10:30 PM, when the overhead lights shut off for the day and we were left in darkness. Of course, at the time I found it infuriating—and my dad’s gloating certainly didn’t help—but it’s a memory that my dad and I can always laugh about today.

BRSN: What’s your favorite Cornell match that you have played in?

Evan: My favorite Cornell match probably came from last Spring, when won I at line six singles against Penn State. It was a pretty dramatic three set match, and it clinched a 4-2 win for the team.

BRSN: How do you like to prepare for games?

Evan: I like to listen to music. Any of my teammates can tell you that before matches, my headphones are my best friend. I’ll listen to about anything, depending on my mood. I listen to classical music to calm my nerves, rap to get pumped up, and if I find that I’m thinking a bit too much about an upcoming match, I’ll listen to some funny podcasts to distract myself.

BRSN: What’s your pregame meal?

Evan: Gluten-free pasta with grilled chicken.

BRSN: Besides tennis, what do enjoy to do?

Evan: I love to watch movies, play ping pong, and hang out with my friends.


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