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Athlete of The Week Interview: William Simoneit

BRSN: Will, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. What was your mindset going into the weekend?

William: One of the things we always talk about as a team is maintaining a consistent approach. I do my best to make sure I approach every game with maximum effort and focus, regardless of the opponent. It was really special to have my entire family in town for senior day – now that we are all getting older, it can be difficult for us all to be in the same place at the same time. I felt at peace knowing my family was behind me and I wanted to make the most of my last competition at Hoy Field!

BRSN: How did you first get started with baseball, and what kept you in the sport?

William: When my brother’s t-ball team didn’t have enough players to field all the positions, I filled in at age 3. Despite playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, and football growing up, I remember baseball constantly being my favorite sport. My dad had been my coach all the way up until I was around 15 or 16 years old, and his involvement in my baseball career definitely helped maintain my enthusiasm and passion for the game.

BRSN: Why did you choose Cornell?

William: When I made a visit for a recruitment camp, there was something unique about being on campus and getting the overall “feel” for the university. I loved the coaches, the guys on the team seemed awesome, the field was beautiful, and the ILR school felt like a great fit. Describing the aura of Cornell’s campus does not do it justice, it’s something that needs to be experienced; I’m sure every Cornell student and alumni knows what I’m talking about.

BRSN: What is your greatest baseball memory?

William: I will always remember the rush of adrenaline I got when I put my cleats on and ran out to center field for the very captain’s practice during my freshman year. The whole team was waiting together and all the freshmen had to introduce themselves. It was a beautiful day and everyone was loose (except for the other freshmen and I) and having fun; I will never forget the energy of that afternoon. There’s also no denying that for the rest of my life, I will remember all of the excitement that occured during this year’s senior day weekend.

BRSN: How do you like to prepare for games?

William: The most important thing for me when preparing for a game is getting a great night’s sleep and a solid breakfast in the morning. The process to get my body to feel right for a game can differ day to day, but I consistently foam roll, spend time on a wall with a lacrosse ball, and visualize success on the field. We like to get some music going in the locker room for home games and find ways to keep guys loose while maintaining high levels of focus. I have my own routine that helps me prepare to catch which includes a series of receiving and blocking drills that I complete in the bullpen.

BRSN: As graduation comes up in just a few weeks. How does it feel looking back at your career here at Cornell?

William: It truly is a crazy feeling to realize that these four years are coming to an end. I will be forever grateful for thepeople I’ve formed lasting relationships with, the range of experiences I’ve had, and all of the opportunities for learning and personal growth Cornell and Cornell Baseball has provided me. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished both in the classroom and on the field, and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the people who have helped and supported me during this journey.


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