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Athlete of the Week Q&A: Maddie Mills

Each week, BRSN chooses one athlete that stood out among his or her peers, both within Cornell and the Ivy League. This week, we interviewed freshman hockey forward Maddie Mills, who scored her fifth and sixth goals of the season this weekend against Brown and Yale and is now leading the team in goals scored. 

BRSN: Maddie, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. What was your mindset going into this weekend?

MM: Our team’s mindset going into the weekend was to get the four points and play Big Red hockey. Our goal is always to play as well on the road as we do at home. My goal is always to play my role in the team and to take advantage of every shift.

BRSN: Why did you choose Cornell?

MM: The main reason that I chose Cornell was because I loved the environment of the team and the school. There was no team that seemed to love each other more or love playing hockey as much as the group of girls here. I also wanted to go to a place [where] I could pursue my academic and athletic goals.

BRSN: How did you first get started with hockey, and what kept you in the sport?

MM: I first started hockey because my two older brothers played and I always wanted to be like them. They are also the reason that I pursued it as much as I did throughout my life. Another reason I stayed in hockey was because of all the friends that I made through the sport.

BRSN: As a freshman, how has it been adjusting to college hockey?

MM: Adjusting to college hockey has been a blast because you always have to be playing your best. I love how fast and aggressive the girls are to play against. One of the biggest differences for me is playing half the amount of games that I played in junior hockey. It makes me appreciate each game a lot more. There is nothing better than game day.

BRSN: What is your favorite hockey memory?

MM: My favorite hockey memory is experiencing winning national championships.

BRSN: Do you have any pregame superstitions or routines?

MM: Before a game, my favorite ritual is my handshake with Jaime Bourbonnais on the ice, but I also always do a group prayer with a couple of my teammates.

BRSN: What is your favorite pregame meal?

MM: My favorite pregame meal is rice, chicken, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.

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