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Athlete of the Week Q&A: Matt Morgan

Each week, BRSN chooses one athlete from the Cornell community that stood out among the rest. This week, we talk to Matt Morgan, who posted 17 points in the team’s game against Brown two weekends ago, leaving him 36 points away from the school’s scoring record. 

BRSN: Matt, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. What was your mindset going into this past weekend?

MM: Umm…the mindset was to go out and play hard. We knew what was at stake for Brown and Yale and we just wanted to come and make a statement early and do it for our seniors on our last home weekend!

BRSN: How did you first get started with basketball, and what kept you in the sport?

MM: I first got started with basketball because my dad played at Georgetown so it was always in my blood. He has been my inspiration to be just like him and try to succeed on this level like he did. What kept me in basketball was just like I said — wanting to do what my dad did and be the best player I could be. Growing up, I wasn’t always the best. I was overlooked a lot so I always have a chip on my shoulder and I go out and try to prove people wrong but more so try to prove myself right.

BRSN: Why did you choose Cornell?

MM: I chose Cornell because of the academic excellence. I came on my visit and I fell in love with the campus and the people. And it was my only Division I basketball offer and that was always a dream of mine, to play on this level, so it worked out for me.

BRSN: What is your favorite basketball memory?

MM: Favorite memory of basketball was getting my high school jersey retired on my senior night! That was a legendary moment and something I will never forget!

BRSN: What is your favorite game that you’ve ever played in?

MM: Favorite game ever was the Princeton triple OT game because so much was at stake and we wanted to win that game extremely bad to be able to get Coach Earl his first win against them. And the the limited amount of people there, the atmosphere was insane!

BRSN: What is your go-to pregame meal?

MM: Go-to pregame meal before college because we [ate] the same thing every time was a Subway sandwich, some chips and a Gatorade. Then before games, I liked to eat Skittles.

BRSN: What do you attribute your success to this year?

MM: My success this year has been attributed to the hard work not only by me but my teammates as well put in this offseason! We came in with a better understanding of the system and the roles we play in it and my teammates have put me in amazing spots to be able to score efficiently. And credit [is due to] my coaching staff for keeping my confidence high and working with me to be the best player I can be!


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