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Baseball Freshman Feature: Kevin Cushing

After last year’s season — posting a losing record of 14-22-1 (9-12 Ivy) — the Cornell baseball team has on boarded twelve Freshman whom they believe can make a big impact. One of the first-years, Kevin Cushing, is hopeful that his new team is capable of competing for an Ivy championship in the Spring.

Cushing, born and raised in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania has a myriad of accomplishments that back his confidence. As a three-year varsity pitcher for Phoenixville Area High School, Cushing’s junior year was highlighted with throwing a perfect game, earning him a spot on the all-tournament team for the WWBA National Championships as well as an Atlantic Region honorable mention. In his senior year, Cushing’s throwing arm helped lead his high school team to a Division title, while also earning him one of very few recipients of the 2018 Mercury All-Area Player of the Year Award.

As one of eight Freshman listed as pitchers — all of whom happen to be right handed — Cushing knows that his path to the mound will not be easy. He is prepared to work hard and utilize the knowledge of upperclassmen and coaches to transition into the college game: “Coach Pep (Dan Pepicelli),” Cushing said, “worked hard with me in the Fall and he is a great coach. We all had a good Fall.”

As the Cornell men’s baseball team transitions into its season in the coming weeks, don’t be fooled by the young nature of the team — ranging from Head Coach Dan Pepicelli in only his third season, to a roster of forty-one containing only four seniors. Cushing reassures that his team is united and that they have “discussed the team goal of winning the Ivy League.”

The Big Red’s first matchup is a triple-header against powerhouse Baylor University in Waco, Texas in just over a month. It won’t be until early May that Cushing can take a break and recover from a long season. But until then, the entire team — and the freshman, too — have a lot to prove. And in the process, Cushing hopes to unleash his personal favorite pitch: the splitter.


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