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Big Red Give Thanks: In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, Cornell Athletes Weigh In On What They Are Thank

The chicken nugget, Casablanca, YES Network, Nintendo Wii, Coors Brewing, super glue, Stuart Little, Burger King, the ASCI Red, Bad Religion, the Quarter Pounder, Friday Night Lights, cybernetics, the Drake equation, the Heimlich maneuver, super glue, the NBA logo, the Atkins diet, The Devil Wears Prada, and Pop Warner football are among plenty that we can thank Cornell for. BRSN asked some athletes what they were especially thankful for this season. In the words of Lightweight Rowing captain Chris Rogers ’15, many are appreciative of “close friends and family who support [them] through everything and [their] team that is passionate about [their] sport and committed to winning.” BRSN is tremendously thankful for the Big Red fans and so we would like to share a few of our favorite responses to all of you.

Men’s Track and Field distance runner George Oliver ’16 sincerely appreciates the chance “to live the dream” and run at an Ivy League university. Sprinter Larry Gibson ’16 agrees, thankful for track and “the ability to escape from everyday life and just compete, to focus on one thing. It’s an escape.”

Georgiana de Rham ’15 is particularly grateful that her Equestrian “teammates are thriving under a year of great change.” The captain is thankful that she’s “learned that sometimes what you learn from teams has nothing to do with sports (or horses) and everything to do with people.”

Christian Hilbrich ’16 is happy for his health, family, and “the opportunity to play the game [he] loves in front of the best fans in college hockey.” Natasha Rowland ’15 is thankful for “the experiences made being four year student athlete” with Cornell volleyball.

The overwhelming response is a deep gratitude for Cornell’s opportunities and the relationships it fosters. As Atticus DeProspo ’15 says of soccer, he’s thankful for “the friendships made from playing the sport [he] loves and [his] teammates always having [his] back; the opportunity to wear the Big Red jersey and represent Cornell with pride.” Polo player Chris Moyer ’15 concurs, glad to be “a part of Cornell’s history, tradition, and success.”

As baseball player Spencer Scorza ’15 writes, Cornell’s education is worth being thankful for. “It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress of prelims, papers and projects. [We] often have to remind [ourselves] what an incredible privilege we have that 99.9% of people will never have the opportunity to experience.” He appreciates “Cornell’s campus-wide Christian organizations including Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Cornell Faith in Action, [which] have allowed [him] to mature in [his] faith with some of [his] closest friends and teammates.”

Big Red Sports Network is thankful for Cornell’s 35 varsity teams and the opportunity to provide a hub where parents, students, alumni, and all Big Red fans can find great coverage throughout the year. We are thankful for our supporters and the great university we attend. We’d also like to echo the sentiment of soccer and lacrosse player Claire MacManus ’15, as we too are “thankful for food.” We wish everyone a festive meal and a Happy Thanksgiving!


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