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Coaching Spotlight: Matt Johann

Many of you might not be familiar with the name Matt Johann. However, if all goes according to plan, you will soon. Matt is the new assistant volleyball coach for Cornell. He spent three years coaching at Syracuse we helped the orange record a 52-45 overall record during his three-year tenure. Matt’s transition from Syracuse was rather easy as he is only an hour away from his previous home and lives close to a number of relatives in the Long Island and New Jersey area.

I have been able to get to know Matt fairly well during his tenure at Cornell as he is the faculty advisor for my fraternity. Based on our conversations, Matt is ready and excited to bring Cornell volleyball to the next level. Matt is trying to get through to his players by understanding the daily struggles they go through as student-athletes at Cornell. It is clear in the way he speaks that Matt is doing his best to get to know his players and his team. “Our team is physical, smart and hungry to take that next step this year. There are some student-athletes on this team that are doing things outside of volleyball that let me recognize what we are here to do.” He is constantly inventing new ways to increase attendance at volleyball games and is excited to take on each and every opponent.

Although transitioning into a new school may seem difficult to many people, Matt has taken this change in his life in stride. If you have the chance to speak to him you will see instantaneously his excitement for Cornell volleyball and his future with the team. I am looking forward to seeing how Matt continues to improve our volleyball team and make our program something that our entire campus will take notice of.  


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