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Come Support Cornell Sports: Upcoming Events in Cornell Sports with Harris Zweig

A number of my friends and fellow classmates are athletes at Cornell. These people are proud and committed sportsmen and women who spend insane amounts of time perfecting their individual crafts.

After speaking with a few of them across a number of different supports the one commonality amongst their individual collegiate athletic experiences is that at Cornell, few athletes are actually recognized for their contributions to the university. I know we are not the biggest D1 school in the nation but it sounds as if our athletes, on all the teams, would appreciate it some of us made the effort to show up to a game or match every now and again. It does not take much to show up and it would make our athletes feel as if they are appreciated for the time they give up just to play for our school.

So, go see a game at Lynah, watch a squash match, or cheer on the football team. You will be making somebody’s day and who knows, you might just have fun. Just so you have absolutely no excuse to not go see a game this weekend here are all the games and matches going on in Ithaca this weekend.

Nov. 21. (Thursday)

Men’s Polo vs SMU at 5:00pm

Even if you’re not one for polo or for horses in general, that should not stop you from trying to learn by watching.

Women’s Basketball vs. Niagra at 7:00pm

The Cornell Women’s Basketball team is 2-2 this season getting their last win against NJIT last Saturday.

Jan 22. (Friday)

Men’s Hockey vs. Quinnipiac at 7:00pm

The Men’s Hockey team is off to a fantastic 6-1 start this season and deserves your support as one of the few teams at this school who is consistently good. Furthermore, the team is averaging almost five goals per game so at the very least you should see some action if not a win. Go show some school spirit and head to Lynah Friday night to support.

Jan 23. (Saturday)

Wrestling vs. North Caroline State University at 1:00pm

Now I know wrestling is not a traditional sport but apparently as a school we are one of the best at it. Last year Cornell placed seventh overall for wrestling nationally and Yianni Diakomihalis 21’ has won the wrestling championship two years in a row at 141 lbs. After looking up some clips of Yianni I can say if you only see his match it would be worth it.

Football vs. Columbia University at 1:30pm

With Cornell and Columbia both sitting at 3-6 the Empire Bowl is looking as exciting as ever. It is our job as Cornellians to support our Football team as they look to beatdown our Ivy league enemies from Columbia. The last time we played Columbia we lost 24-21 so I have a feeling the football team is ready to get some revenge.

Men’s Hockey vs. Princeton at 7:00pm

Now this is going to be the game of the week as our men’s hockey team plays against Princeton. With the Frozen Apple game coming up over Thanksgiving it is important to watch our boys thrash one ivy league rival before embarrassing Harvard the next weekend.

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