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Cornell’s Newest Apostle: Jason — Baseball Freshman Feature

Nothing can propel a team to the top of its respective league like a strong recruiting class. Each year, a fresh crop of freshmen and transfers usher in a sort of new hope. Fans and coaches alike wonder: “Could this be the class that elevates the program to new heights?” That question will most likely not be answered in the next page and a half. Instead, we will learn a little more about one of those freshmen that will help to define the program for years to come

Outfielder Jason Apostle, once a Fordham Prep Ram, now proudly dons his Cornell baseball cap in the outfield of Hoy Field. As a graduate of Xavier High School (Fordham Prep High School’s biggest rival), I did my best to not hold his high school education against him. The Jesuit-educated Apostle resides in Yonkers, New York. At Fordham, he was the 2016 Defensive Player of The Year and a New York Catholic High School Athletic Association All-Star.

RC: Exposure is one of the most crucial parts to getting recruited. In your experience, did you ever feel like the pressure to gain exposure and impress coaches ever took away from the game itself?

JA: I always just went out there and did my thing, but knowing that dozens of scouts were watching everything I did was a bit nerve-racking. I would say that pressure and stress pushed me harder rather than take the enjoyment out of the game.

RC: The term “five tool player” gets thrown around a lot when describing a position player. However, these are strictly physical. What intangibles do you feel are important or often overlooked when evaluating a ballplayer?

JA: Mental toughness is one of the most important aspects of an athlete. Personality is as well; how a player reacts to success and failure are both very important

RC: The road trips to Texas A&M and Duke obviously didn’t go the way we would’ve hoped. What do you believe separates the Ivy League teams from those Power 5 Conference teams?

JA: I think the things separating us from them is: 1. Our program’s budget and more importantly 2. Our inability to give scholarships. Since Ivy rules prohibit scholarships, we are unable to bring in top recruits because they opt for a program where their family isn’t responsible for paying $70,000 per year.

RC: What is your favorite perk about Cornell’s Athletic facilities? Is it The Refuel Bar, Bartels, etc.?

JA: My favorite perk of the Athletic facilities is our club house.

RC: Is there a major leaguer that you model your game after?

JA: I wouldn’t say I have one player I model myself after, but I do try to model my hitting after Robinson Cano and the rest of my game on Mike Trout.

RC: You have to fill out a batting order for a slow-pitch softball team. From leadoff to ninth, who do you choose? (Doesn’t necessarily have to be a baseball player)


  1. Jennie Finch

  2. A-Rod

  3. George Castanza

  4. Giancarlo Stanton

  5. Yoenis Cespedes

  6. Chris Pratt

  7. Nolan Arenado

  8. Will Ferrell

  9. Robinson Cano

RC: Are you a gum guy or a sunflower seeds guy? If neither, then what?

JA: Definitely seeds.

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