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Elo 2017: Entering the Final Stretch of Ivy league Play

This week, and for the final two weeks of the football season, there will be four Ivy League football games. The season is now entering the final stretch and with three teams tied for first, it could be anyone’s season. For a recap of the last weekend’s game and of the season to this point, check out the mid-season update article. Let’s get right into this week’s predictions.

Brown vs. Yale, Friday, November 3rd @ 8:00pm

This match appears to be a lock for Yale, but with the way this season is going, Brown may have a chance. Brown is currently ranked the lowest in terms of Elo and has been blown out in most of its recent games. Yale, however, has been having a great season and needs this win to keep its title hopes alive. Yale should win this game at home, but if the team happens to lose, it would put its championship goals in jeopardy.

Harvard vs. Columbia, Saturday, November 4th @ 1:00pm

This game looks to be one of the closest of the season. The model shows the game as a near toss-up but, assuming Columbia is still being slightly under-projected, I would call this game a true 50/50 toss up. Columbia is just like Yale and needs to finish the season with three wins to secure a championship. While a loss for Columbia will completely doom its season, it would be its second loss in a row after winning the first six games. Harvard, on the other hand, is playing for its season. The Crimson currently has two Ivy League losses; a third Ivy League loss would almost certainly take the team out of title contention. We will have to wait and see if the Crimson can beat a surprisingly good Columbia team away from home.

Princeton vs. University of Pennsylvania, Saturday, November 4th @ 1:00pm

Princeton looks like it should be able to beat Pennsylvania in this game even though the Quakers will be at home. The Quakers have consistently been over-projected this season because of last year’s stellar performance (that has failed to continue this season). Pennsylvania still has a strong football team, but given the way it has performed so far this season, I believe the toss up would go to Princeton. Princeton, similar to Harvard, is also playing for its season. The Tigers have two losses to Ivy League teams this year and a third would effectively end its championship hopes. Look for either a close game or for Princeton to take another blowout win.

Cornell vs. Dartmouth, Saturday, November 4th @ 1:30pm

The Big Red’s matchup versus Dartmouth is the most important one of the week. Cornell just showed the league it deserves the record it now has after the team’s nail-biting win over Princeton in New Jersey. Cornell is in the same position as both Columbia and Yale in standings and is hoping to keep winning in order to secure its first Ivy League title since 1990. However, Dartmouth has lots its last two games and is looking to try and salvage its season. This will be an interesting game and another opportunity for Cornell to prove the model is wrong and pull an upset in New Hampshire.

Come back next week for more Ivy League Elo projections!


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