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EQUIPPED w/ Brailin Paulino ’18

1.  My Cornell Track & Field backpack has my last name with a cross next to it, because I believe people should understand where it is that I draw my strength. I’m motivated by what I can do to show others that this Christ thing is real. The necklace around my neck represents my belief and the ring is my symbol of commitment. I strongly believe in respect for women, and believe that my girlfriend deserves the same effort that I put into my goals and dreams.

2.  I bring my headphones because sometimes I need to get into my zone and focus on the task ahead. I usually listen to songs by Lecrae such as “Say I Won’t (feat. Andy Mineo)” or my self-written records like “Underdog”.

3.  The warm-up jacket is in my bag since we wear it to travel and because it’s red and awesome.

4.  I have my inhaler because I have asthma.

5.  My glasses are there because I can’t see when I’m in class or outside when the wind blows the snow into my face.

6.  My Bible is in my bag because without my faith I wouldn’t be able to endure the intensities or struggles present here at Cornell in academics and athletics.

7.  My phone charger is there because I never let my baby die!

8.  My other babies (my spikes) are marked “Baby Phat” because when I first came to Cornell I wasn’t in the shape that I am right now. I lost a lot of weight and gained more muscle. I was the underdog on the team, but through faith I overcame those struggles. [All that work is paying off; Paulino just ran the 9th all-time fastest 60m at Cornell.]

9.  The cliff bar testifies that food is life.

10. The Raiders were the first NFL team I watched play after I moved to the US from the Dominican Republic. I moved to Cali when I was young but I still rep the island. Last summer, I ran the 4×100 with the U20 DR National Team at the Central American and Caribbean Championships.


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