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Ivy League Elo 2018: Week 2

Week two of Ivy League football is underway. In Week one our model faired well going 2-0 in predictions. Harvard handily took care of Brown with a 31 to 17 victory and our Big Red came up just short of a homecoming victory with a 24 to 30 defeat against Yale. One other interesting thing that Ivy League Elo has added to the predictions this year is Mike vs. the Machine! Each week I will give my own game predictions to see if I can beat my model’s accuracy. Last week I went 1-1, having correctly picked the Harvard game, but unwilling pick against Cornell at homecoming.

There were just slight changes in Elo scores due to the two games last week. Cornell dropped by 13 points and Yale gained the same amount. Harvard’s game left them at a rating of 1529 this week and Brown at a dismal 1340 rating. After this week’s games I will be releasing this years Elo ratings graph so it will be easier to track the rating changed throughout the season. And as always check out my original Elo article for a full explanation of the model.

Week 2 Predictions

Princeton at Columbia, Friday, September 28that 6:00PM

This week we have two very close games. The first one being played is going to be a closely contested match between Columbia and Princeton. The model gives Princeton a slight edge over Columbia. I agree with the model and would give Princeton even more of an advantage because I feel as thought the home field advantage for Columbia is not as great as the model thinks.

Machine: Princeton

Mike: Princeton

University of Pennsylvania at Dartmouth, Saturday, September 29that 1:30PM

In the second match of the week the University of Pennsylvania is traveling up to New Hampshire to face Dartmouth. Both Penn and Dartmouth have quite good football programs and have high Elo ratings, 1588 and 1545 respectively, however the model give Dartmouth a slight edge in this matchup. This game is going to be quite close, but I am going to disagree with the model and give this game to Penn. Last season Penn came quite close to the Ivy title and actually won the Elo crown for the season.

Machine: Dartmouth

Mike: University of Pennsylvania

Both games this week are going to be quite close so tune in to the Ivy League for some exciting football and come back for weekly projections for Ivy League Football!

Machine’s Prediction Record: 2-0

Mike’s Prediction Record: 1-1


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