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  • Annika Bissinger

Men’s and Women’s Soccer Season Preview: 2019

This season is shaping up to be an exciting one for the men’s and women’s soccer teams, as both have displayed not only a sense of eagerness to get onto the pitch, but also a determination to fight once they step onto the field.

Credit Cornell University Athletics

The men’s team is hoping to continue last year’s successes, and Coach John Smith has brought in a strong freshman class to help do so. These seven newcomers are proving themselves to be a vital key to Cornell’s achievements, as Will Citron has already been named “Ivy League Rookie of the Week,” and Brandon Morales and Connor Drought were key parts of the game-winning goal in the 2019 home opener. The season’s exhilaration began shortly after Big Red men’s soccer was picked third in the Ivy League preseason poll, only falling right behind Princeton and Columbia. However, it seems that these men are refusing to limit themselves to success within the Ivy League, as they proved themselves to be a worthy opponent when they defeated nationally ranked Michigan State 2-1 in their opening weekend, thanks to goals by Will Citron and Harry Fuller. They proceeded to carry their win streak to the first home game of the season, prevailing over Fairleigh Dickinson with a score of 1-0 after Emeka Eneli’s single goal, and are looking to only emphasize their eminence in games to come.

Credit Cornell University Athletics

The women’s season is also off to a remarkable start, as the team brought in ten newcomers, including new assistant coach Kelsey Ferguson, in hopes of reinventing the team and putting themselves within striking distance of an Ivy League title. After their first four games of the season, the women had already made history; their 4-0 start has not been achieved by the Big Red women’s soccer team since 2005. They have shown versatility, as the team has split their six goals scored so far between four scorers- freshman Ashley Durik, sophomore Jadyn Matthews, junior Naomi Jaffe, and senior Kaili Gregory. The 2019 season is going to be an exciting one, as the Cornell women will face teams including Columbia, Harvard, and Brown at home on Berman field. This team’s reinvention has already led to an abundance of victory, and it hopes to continue to display its new strength and skill in the games to come.

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