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New Head Coach Spotlight: Adrian Durant

In today’s installment of BRSN’s new coach series, we got a chance to chat with recently named George Heekin ’29 Head Coach of Men’s Track and Field and Cross Country Adrian Durant on his talented 2015-16 squad:

Adrian Durant’s first season as head coach of the track and cross country programs also marks his fourth total year at the university. He previously served as an assistant coach, leading one of the nation’s best sprinting units. He has been a part of three Heptagonal championship teams and three runner-up squads. While with the Big Red, he has lead his sprinters to post very impressive times in a number of different events.

Prior to coming to Ithaca, Durant worked as an assistant coach at Florida A&M University, where he was in charge of coaching jumps. As a track athlete, he had a successful career running for the University of South Carolina, in addition to serving as captain for the United States Virgin National Team. He was an All-American and holds several records for the national team.

In discussing this upcoming season, Durant’s confidence in his team and himself is quite evident. When asked about his goals for this upcoming year, he put it simply by saying, “My plan is to win…everything.  Last year we were the runner-ups in Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track.  I think based on that alone, the only sensible goal would be to go after the win in all three.”

Coach Durant goes on to say that his current team is one of the most talented groups that Cornell has ever had. In order to get the most out of his runners, Durant has developed a coaching philosophy that will aim to maximize their potential.

“As a college coach, I am responsible for not only helping these young men to develop as athletes, but as individuals who will go on to do amazing things in the future.  This is a critical point in life, where you figure out who you are and what you really want to accomplish.  I believe that the key to success in any endeavor is self-confidence; my coaching philosophy revolves around reinforcing that confidence in my athletes.  I wholeheartedly believe in these guys — in their talents, abilities, and potential.  My whole purpose is to help them to believe in themselves, and once that happens…anything becomes possible,” explained Durant.

He credits much of his personal success in the sport to this level of support that has been given to him throughout the years. Now, he aims to pass on his expertise to his team, as they look forward to a successful campaign.


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