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Rest in peace, Elizabeth Garrett

Last night, Cornell lost one of their own. As reported by the Cornell Daily Sun, President Elizabeth Garrett has passed away from colon cancer at age 52. She was at her post for less than one year at Cornell University, but her legacy will be felt for as long as this institution stands.

There are never good words for times like these. It’s a devastating loss no matter how you slice it, and a Cornell sports website certainly won’t lessen the blow of such a loss. But I think the best thing to do in a time like this is to remember a few moments where President Garrett embraced the community in her short time here. Like the time she appeared on the big screen at Red Hockey Hockey, or gave a pep talk to the men’s hockey team, or embraced the fun and excitement of homecoming, or attended Cornell/Harvard hockey.

I never got to personally meet President Garrett, and I never will, unfortunately. But I think for many of us, it doesn’t matter. We lost a Cornellian. The next time I attend any Cornell sporting event, or any event for that matter, there will always be an empty seat. She will be dearly missed.



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