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The Blight of the Missing Bs

Scientists across the nation have reported the loss of bee colonies at an alarming rate. However, this is not a strangely-placed environmental article on the continuing loss of wild bees. I am instead speaking of another disappearance, one that is more noticeable in the colder months. These missing creatures are usually striped red and white, not black and yellow. They yell instead of buzz and they haven’t really gone missing, they simply appear to be getting continually lost. Lost seems to be the only reason why section B, of late, has been sparse in attendance. I wonder if the snowy landscape makes these students confused and late. Thankfully, they eventually find their way and begin to slowly trickle in partway through the first period.

Now, I’m not expecting the fans to arrive an hour before the game starts—we can’t all be the Pep Band. When they arrive, before the team comes out to warm up, it is surprising to see even a handful of students. Sitting and watching the team take practice shots isn’t mandatory to earn your Lynah Faithful membership card. However, it becomes increasingly distressing when proud card-carrying members of this band of faithful fans come long after the first puck drops.

I’m sincerely concerned as I look on the many empty rows. Is this a new hockey tradition? We already have a sieve on the ice and now it would appear we have a sectional one as well—still one entity, but full of holes. Naturally, I want to follow this allusion with “it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault.” However, there are many Bs who arrive on time, but half-attendance does not a section make. So, to those who seem to have misplaced Lynah, it is at 536 Campus Rd. The games start at seven—three minutes past seven, to be precise—like they always have.

I know what you are thinking—what does it really matter? We get there in the end. True, better late then never, I guess? But, unlike the Bees who are facing extinction, the only true blight on the B section seems to be laziness. This is our team. We support them because we love the sport, we are emotionally bound to this community, and Lynah has a personality unlike any other. So my challenge to the student section is to show your pride. Show your pride for the full two hours, or more. If you want to support the team, then support the team. We boast being one of the best student sections in the nation; let’s make that more than hot air. Let’s make every game a Hahvahd spectacle, so every enemy who enters our rink wishes they had a section of Lynah Faithful.


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