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Throwback Thursday: A Statement Victory by Cornell Wrestling

This week in 1925, the Cornell’s men’s wrestling team dominated Columbia with a score of 19-8, making it difficult for the Lions to compete. The meet, held in New York City on March 9th, contained two falls and three time advantages issued on Columbia, which ultimately led the Big Red to victory.

The Lions were able to earn eight points due to a fall obtained against Brennan of Cornell, marking the only one of of the day for the Big Red. This pin occurred in the 135-pound division within the first 50 seconds of his matchup with Columbia’s Geller. In addition, there was a time advantage won by the Lions in the 175-pound class.

In the 145-pound encounter, Cornell’s Jones outclassed his opponent easily, while Howard was awarded a time decision over Lynch of Columbia. Even Butterfield of the Big Red was able to stave off his opponent for nine minutes despite an apparent 12-pound weight disadvantage. He, unfortunately, eventually lost on a time decision in the extra period.

The final highly-anticipated match of the afternoon was between Cornell’s Affeld and Auchlin of the Lions battling in the unlimited class. Awarded the decision of a large time advantage, Affeld brought the complete team tally to 19 points due to some clever strategy. The Big Red captain permitted his heavyweight opponent to carry him to the mat just so Affeld could acquire the final time advantage points, which ultimately provided him with enough to win the entire match.

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