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Throwback Thursday: Big Red Annihilates Dartmouth

On Saturday, November 16th, 1968, the Cornell men’s soccer team crushed the Dartmouth Indians, winning 4-1. Despite the muddy conditions, center forward Nikos Alexandridis was able to score three goals against the Dartmouth defense. The entire Big Red offense deserves credit for being able to keep the ball on the opposing team’s half of the field for the majority of the game. The first goal came barely two minutes into the game when left wing Clark Mycoff crossed the ball to Alexandridis, who then successfully shot the ball into the goal. The next goal came just ninety seconds later when captain Jeff Foresman passed the ball to Alexandridis, who then scored again. The final two goals occurred in the first ten minutes of the second period, with Mycoff scoring with an assist from Alexandridis, and Alexandridis then making the final goal off of a penalty kick. This gave the game a 4-0 score before halftime. Although Dartmouth scored its lone goal at the beginning of the third period, the Big Red continued to dominate offensively during the second half but was unable to score due to numerous near misses, great saves by the Dartmouth goalie, and the continued deterioration of the field as the game went on.

The obvious MVP of this game was the Athenian center forward Nikos Alexandridis, who was named to the All-American, All-Ivy, and All-State teams in 1967 and would be renamed to the All-Ivy first team during this season. In 1969, he received the Nicky Bawlf Memorial Award for being the most valuable player on the team. As a sophomore, he led the Ivy League in scoring and holds second place for Cornell in all-time career goals scored with 32 goals.


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