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Throwback Thursday: Grudge Match Ends in Cornell Victory

On February 27th, 1974, the Cornell men’s ice hockey team defeated Clarkson with a score of 10-1. A big reason the team managed to blow out Clarkson was the effort of junior goaltender Steve Kelleher, who had an impressive 22 saves. Some spectators talked about this matchup as if it were closer to a boxing match than a hockey game due to the total of 23 penalties called. Cornell’s Coach Dick Bertrand was getting concerned when 19 penalties were called before the end of the second period. He had to speak to his team, Clarkson’s Coach Jerry York, and the referees. Whatever he said must have worked as there were only four penalties called in the game’s final period

Sophomore center Dave Droulx proved he earned his place on the All-East team, played earlier that week, scoring two goals and two assists. This performance gave him a team-leading 36 points for the season. Groulx was a Canadian student who managed to score over 100 points throughout his three years in Cornell hockey. After leaving Cornell, he went on to become head coach for the Lakeland Ice Warriors, a minor league professional hockey team from Florida. Under his guidance, the team managed to make it to the first round of the playoffs of the Sunshine Hockey League in the 1993-1994 season.


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