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Throwback Thursday: The True Lynah Faithful

In honor of the wrapping up of the men’s and women’s hockey seasons over the following two weekends, this week’s Throwback Thursday reminds us of the perils of being a Cornell hockey fan in decades past. While the dwindling crowds in Lynah are no longer indicative of the substantial effort that used to be required to secure hockey season tickets, we have record of the process for gaining tickets when they were a scarcer commodity.

This photo from 1971 shows hundreds of students camping out in Barton Hall in November, setting up camp to wait in line for a chance at season tickets. However, not all years provided students with an opportunity for a warm wait in line.

On Wednesday evening, the 29th of October 1969, graduate student Bob Kilgore and wife parked outside Teagle Hall to secure the first spot in line for season tickets that would go on sale the following Sunday morning at 8am. That is, 87 hours before tickets went on sale, a student staked his spot outdoors to be the first to receive the precious season ticket book. With 60 hours to go before ticket sales began, over 200 Lynah Faithful had joined the queue.

Certainly, many fans today look favorably back on the years when fans were so devoted, though the online sale process may keep us a bit warmer in the limbs.


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