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  • Sam Groark

Top 5 Moments from the Fall Football Season 2019

With no Ivy League Football to look forward to in 2020, we look back and remember the best moments from last year’s season. Each of these moments played an integral part in leading the Big Red to fourth place in the Ivy League. 

The number 5 play comes from quarterback Mike Catanese in the Cornell vs Marist game. This was the first game of the season for the Big Red, and they came ready to play. In the first quarter with 14:33 left, Cornell called a trick play and faked the ball to the running back to create a lane for a quarterback rush. Catanese, able to find a lane, immediately took off for the endzone. Catanese scored off this 42-yard run, earning his first touchdown of the season. Cornell never looked back, defeating Marist 21-7.

The number 4 play comes from running back Harold Coles in the Cornell vs. Columbia game, the Empire State Bowl. In the second quarter with 8:34 left, Coles ran behind his blockers – tight end John Fitzgerald and other linemen – who led the charge. Harold said his teammates had great blocks, enabling him to run hard and run through two defenders for the touchdown. Coles’ said he was excited for his second touchdown on senior day and to get back in the end zone. The final score was Big Red 35 to Columbia Lions 9. Coles said his motivation for the 2 TDS and over 120 rushing yards was leaving the program on a good note with a memorable senior game.

The number 3 play comes from linebacker Jake Stebbins and safety Jelani Taylor in the Cornell vs. Colgate game. This was the first game that Stebbins started because the starting linebacker, Cameron Ryan, was injured. Down 14-3 near the end of the first half, Cornell called a blitz for Stebbins through the center of the offensive line. Initially, Stebbins thought Colgate was running; however, once the quarterback rolled out to the left, he recognized play action. Stebbins went for the strip-sack as the quarterback was about to throw. Once Stebbins hit him, he clawed the ball out of the Colgate signal caller’s hands. Cornell safety Taylor quickly scooped up the ball and sprinted to the endzone for a 95-yard touchdown. Taylor said after he scored, he looked at the scoreboard to make sure it counted and was happy, but tired from his long touchdown run. Despite the momentum swing, Cornell unfortunately fell short in their hard-fought game against the Raiders, 21 to 20.

The number 2 play comes from punter Nick Nulls in the Cornell vs. Brown game. This game featured multiple lead changes and stayed close throughout. In the final seconds of the fourth quarter, Cornell was down by 1, 34-35, with the ball on the 31-yard line and kicker Nick Null set to kick a game-winning field goal. Null’s mindset was to just hit a clean ball through the posts. The ball hit the field post before sneaking in and Cornell won 37-35. Null was excited to be able to get the team another win this season.

The number 1 play comes from safety Eric Stoxstill-Diggs, also in the Cornell vs Brown game. With 7:08 left in the second quarter, Brown lined up in their normal offense on fourth down. Cornell, thinking Brown would go for it, called a blitz to stop the run. The Brown quarterback took the snap and looked to punt, taking advantage of Cornell not having a returner on the field. Disaster struck for Brown as the ball bounced off of their running back’s head, landing into Diggs’s left hand. He caught the ball and sprinted toward the end zone and juked out the quarterback on his way to a score. Cornell extended its lead to 30-6, and Diggs was thrilled for his touchdown and happy to contribute to the Cornell win.


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