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What’s in the Bag? Maddie Hoitink

What does a Cornell women’s soccer player keep in her bag? Freshman defender Maddie Hoitink shares everything she needs before hitting the field. 

Lucky Pre-wrap Headband: I used the same headband for every game this whole season. It’s my lucky pre-wrap, even though I don’t win every game in it.

Shin Guards: To keep you from breaking bones.

Cleats: They’re very ripped up and dirty right now. Once, we were going on an away trip, I think it was to Dartmouth, and I showed up at Bartels 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave and I realized I had forgotten my cleats and shin guards in my townhouse. Bartels is like a mile and a half away from North Campus, but luckily one of my captains drove me back real quick and I sprinted inside and got them. But, it was a stressful time and I almost went to a soccer game without cleats and shinguards.

Wrap: I have this wrap from preseason because preseason is like six hours of soccer a day and it basically kills your whole body.

Gatorade Water Bottle: Gotta stay hydrated.

Ball pump: Every class has a job, and the freshmen got stuck with the ball bag job so we have to pump the balls up before every practice and there are like 50 balls. We also have to carry them around on away trips.

Socks: Here’s a bunch of dirty socks that I’ve been too lazy to wash. Our Inaria socks. No one knows what Inaria is, but that’s our sponsor.

Stingers: It’s basically like a really crispy waffle, I don’t really know what’s inside of it but they taste really good and they’re vanilla-flavored and we all love them. It basically tastes like a treat, but supposedly it gives you energy so we always eat those before games and then at halftime.

Lacrosse ball: I use a lacrosse ball a lot for rolling my legs out. I did it a lot during preseason because preseason is a lot for your body.


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