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Women’s Lacrosse: What’s In The Bag

Take a look inside the bag of sophomore goalkeeper, Katie McGahan, to see what a Big Red lacrosse player needs to be game-ready.

Hand Warmers: I’m a goalie, so I wear gloves and can wear and warmers under the gloves during a game.

Binder and Pen: It’s what we use for scout and it has all of our plays. Every freshman writes a mission statement about what they’re going to do for the team, so I have that in here. I keep all of our scout looks, all of our D-plays, stuff about the draw, we’ve got our attack plays, and our team info. The front’s pretty cool. It has every single name of every player that’s ever played Cornell Women’s Lacrosse, and all the captains are in bold. We’re the 47th team to be at Cornell. Our coach’s name is actually on here because she played Cornell lacrosse and it’s cool just to see everyone.

Chest Protector: Goalies wear a chest protector, helmet, gloves, and a mouthguard. Those are the only things that are required for a goalie, so that’s all I wear.

Shin Guard: Our trainer made this cool little shin guard for me. I have a calcified bruise on my shin. I got hit there really hard and it calcified over time into a big lump. It hurts really bad when I get hit there, but I don’t want to wear shin guards. As a compromise, she made this little thing that I get wrapped on my shin.

Secret Psych: We write something called Secret Psych and each person on the team gets paired with another person. It’s like a note to pump you up before a game. They’re nice to hold onto and you don’t know who wrote it.

Snacks: Here’s some goldfish. I usually have snacks in my bag. We have breakfast before every home game in the Hall of Fame Room, which is in Schoellkopf Field House. It’s the same thing every time. I always eat eggs, homefries, and fruit before every game.

Screwdriver: The heads of our sticks are screwed on to our shafts. Sometimes they get loose so you have to screw them back on. Pretty much every goalie on our team carries a screwdriver. I don’t know why it’s our job.

Sunscreen: I’m really pale so I have a bunch of bottles of sunscreen. I wear sunscreen way too much.

Swimming Goggles: We do some swim workouts. A lot of injured people on our team do pool workouts during the day when they can’t condition with us. So if you tear your ACL or have a hip injury, people do things like water jogging.


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