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Athlete of the Week Q & A: Vicki Wines

Each week, BRSN sits down for a Q & A session with the Athlete of the Week. This week, we caught up with senior Cornell fencer, Vicki Wines, after she became Cornell’s first four-time All Ivy fencer.

BRSN: Vicki, thank you for taking the time to speak with us and congrats on becoming the first four-time All-Ivy fencer in Cornell history!  Can you talk about how it feels to achieve such an accomplishment?  

VW: I am just trying to be the best fencer I can be and I am constantly trying to improve myself. It feels great to have broken another record here at Cornell. More importantly, I am a very proud captain and I do not think I would have been able to be so successful without the hard work and support of my teammates.

BRSN: How long have you fenced? How did you start?

VW: I started fencing 9 and half years ago. When I was younger I obtained a belt black in karate and then started looking for a new challenge. My older cousin had suggested fencing and once I found out that fencing was the sport of sword fighting I was hooked. 

BRSN: How did you choose Cornell?

VW: I was recruited to Cornell for fencing but I was not sure if I was going to fence for the full duration of college. I had burned out in my senior year of high school and wanted to try new things. It only took a few of months in Cornell for me to realize that fencing is just too important to me and isn’t something I could walk away from.

BRSN: What are you looking forward to the most for the rest of the season?

VW: My favorite tournament of the year is the Northeast Regionals in March. It is a long tournament and there is a lot fencing that goes on that day. It is by far the most fun tournament of the season. 

BRSN: Favorite pre-competition meal? 

VW: Every morning of game day I eat chocolate Pop-Tarts and drink chocolate milk.

BRSN: What are some of your interests outside of fencing?

VW: Since I’ve been at Cornell I have been able to split my time up so that I have been able to fence as much as possible and study an array of topics in school. I have a triple minor in Education, Human Development, and Psychology.

BRSN: What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

VW: I joined rec club fencing my senior year at Cornell so I could fence even more.


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